Saturday, October 23, 2010

A mentally ill woman wondering at large - Social Jurist writes to CP & SHO to act under Mental Health Act, 1987


1. The Commissioner of Police, Delhi
Police Headquarters,
I.P.Estate, New Delhi-110002

2. The S.H.O.
P.S. Roop Nagar,

Sub: Request to take into protection in terms of Section 23 of the Mental Health Act, 1987 a mentally ill woman (name not known but photo attached) seen wandering at large within the limits of Roop Nagar P.S.

Dear Sir/Madam

1. I would like to draw your attention in respect of a lady aged about 43-44 years, who is mentally ill, and has been seen wandering in a bad condition on the streets of Shakti Nagar (hereinafter referred to as said Area), which falls under your jurisdiction.

2. That the said lady was located by Sh. Kamal Kumar (M-9899161614), a Social Jurist Volunteer, having his shop at 24/5,Shakti Nagar, Delhi and was seen picking rag and garbage on the streets of the said area. As per information received, the said lady is well educated, belongs to a Sikh family and was residing 3 years back in an Ashram of Shakti Nagar area with her father. That after the demise of her father, she has been found and observed to be in a mentally ill condition from past 3 years who has not only lost her state of mind, but has been living on streets and found begging and rag picking. It is unfortunate that till date no one has come for her rescue and the local residents of Shakti Nagar have no details in respect of her family and relatives. I understand that the police officials must have frequently seen her here or there in the area but no action as required under the law for the benefit of such lady has been taken.

3. It is submitted that Mr. Kamal Kumar brought the above facts to my notice this week. At my instructions, he has taken the photo of the said lady two days back (photo is enclosed). I have also talked to some shop keepers of Shakti Nagar area and all of them confirmed the above facts and requested me to take steps to see that the lady is given protection and proper medical treatment.

4. That in reference to the powers and duties conferred upon you under Section 23 of the Mental Health Act, 1987, necessary action be taken to rescue and protect the said lady and thereafter, admit her to a psychiatric hospital and be given due care and treatment as the said patient/lady is not in a condition/unable to explain the cause of her present condition.

5. That the said patient/lady be provided proper safety and correct treatment in order to ensure that she is not only protected from being subjected to any grave acts of physical, mental, verbal, emotional and economic abuse but her right to life and liberty as enshrined under the Article 21 of the Constitution of India are protected and she has been given due opportunity to lead a healthy and peaceful life.

With regards,

Ashok Aggarwal, Advocate
Advisor, Social Jurist

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