Friday, July 6, 2012

Non availability of 50-60 medicines in IHBAS required for OPD patients

To The Principal Secretary (Health) Government of NCT of Delhi, Secretariat, IP Estate, New Delhi- 110002 06 July 2012 Subject- Non availability of 50-60 medicines in IHBAS required for OPD patients Dear Sir, We invite your attention to the fact that Institute of Human Behavior and Allied Sciences (IHBAS), Shahdara, Delhi, do not have the provision of 50-60 medicines required for the treatment of OPD patients since long, resulting in denial of treatment to an average of 100-150 OPD patients everyday. These medicines include CLONIL, OLANZATINE and QUPIAPIN. One of the patients namely Chandrasekhar Sharma, resident of 3/80, Geeta colony, New Delhi-110031 (Mobile- 9953772991), has given us a written complaint (attached hereto), according to which he is undergoing treatment in IHBAS since 1999 and one of the medicines usually prescribed by Hospital Doctor is CLONIL. Despite this medicine having been prescribed, it has never been made available to him by the Hospital and he is forced to purchase from the market. He is too poor to purchase any medicine. He has always been told by the Hospital that the Hospital is unable to purchase this and many other medicines due to scarcity of funds. It is submitted that Right to Health, is a Human and Fundamental Right flowing from Article 21 of Constitution of India. The State is Constitutionally obliged to provide medical facilities to people particularly to poor people, who are unable to afford money for medical treatment. It is unfortunate that the Government has failed to ensure that all the medicines are made available to the poor people suffering from medical illness. You are, therefore, requested to urgently look into this matter and take urgent steps to make available all the required medicines for all the OPD patients. With regards Ashok Agarwal Advocate Advisor, Social Jurist M- 9811101923

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