Thursday, November 22, 2012

Stop Corporal punishment - Govt & MCD schools Students write postcards on Diwali Day to Delhi HC Chief Justice

To Shri D. Murgesan Hon’ble Chief Justice High Court of Delhi New Delhi 22.11.2012 Subject: School-students’ post-cards from Badli on issues concerning their Right to Education Respected Sir Under the Social Jurist’s RTE-PIL-postcards campaign, I visited the Badli region of Delhi on Nov. 13, 2012, on the day of Deepawali to interact with school-children residing in that area and discuss their education-related problems. Despite Deepawali, the children gave an over-whelming response. Over a hundred students gathered there to participate in the discussions. Some 53 students wrote post-cards on the spot addressed to you highlighting the problems they face in their schools. Out of these, 34 pertain to Delhi government-run schools, namely (1) Rajkiya Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya, Badli Village, Delhi-42, (2) Rajkiya Kanya Varishth Madhyamik Vidyalaya, Samaypur, Delhi-42 and (3) Rajkiya Varishth Madhyamik Bal Vidyalaya, Badli, Delhi-42 and 19 pertain to (4) MCD Primary School, Sector-18, Rohini, Delhi. These 53 post-cards are enclosed herewith for your kind consideration. The crux of these post-cards is made out as under: 1. Rajkiya Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya, Badli Village, Delhi-42 (14 post-cards) The students of this school face the following problems: Regarding infrastructure and provisions i) Window-panes are broken, exposing the children to the chilling winter-breeze ii) Desks are in a damaged state iii) The mid-day meals are not provided in time. Further, the quality and hygiene of mid-day meals is very poor and insects are also found in the same Hygiene iv) Students’ toilets remain very dirty; only teachers’ toilet remains clean. There is no water supply either in the students’ toilets. Academic and administrative issues v) Students are asked to broom the classrooms themselves vi) Some of the teachers come to class but leave without teaching vii) Students are not allowed to have access to drinking water facility viii) Some teachers abuse and assault the students. ix) Some students come from very far and therefore get late occasionally. On being late, they are heavily scolded and made to stand for a long period as a way of punishment x) Students are made to stand outside the class for the whole period for occasional omission in following the complete uniform code xi) When any parent brings lunch-packet for the student to school, he/she is returned and not allowed to deliver the lunch-packet to the student. 2. Rajkiya Kanya Varishth Madhyamik Vidyalaya, Samaypur, Delhi-42 (1 post-card) The student has highlighted the problem of corporal punishment prevalent in this school. The student has complained that the PT Instructor named Suman abuses and assaults the children. 3. Rajkiya Varishth Madhyamik Bal Vidyalaya, Badli, Delhi-42 (19 post-cards) The students have largely praised the improvements brought in by the new Principal, yet many problems persist. These problems can be clubbed as under: Hygiene and infrastructure: i) Toilets remain very dirty and the same are never cleaned. Thus, the students tend to avoid using them. Only teachers’ toilet remains clean. ii) Drinking water-taps are often dry. iii) Lots of garbage remains deposited around the water-taps. iv) Black-boards are damaged. Academic and administrative issues: v) Teacher-absenteeism is rampant and students are not taught in school, therefore they tend to flee from the school before the scheduled time. vi) Teachers usually remain absent from the classrooms and handover charge to the class-monitors who ill-treat and heavily assault children. On complaining to the teachers, the same don’t take any action vii) Teachers heavily assault students. One of the students has complained about the Science teacher assaulting children without any mistake on their part. viii) Abusive atmosphere, snatchings and indiscipline among students goes unheeded by the teachers. ix) Some teachers come to school but do not take classes. x) As soon as the school gets over, students rush out and start fighting amongst each other. No one monitors their peaceful exit. xi) Some students bully others; teachers do not address the problem on being approached. 4. MCD Primary School, Sector-18, Rohini, Delhi (19 post-cards) Following problems are revealed from the post-cards written by the students of this school: Hygiene-related issues i) Students’ toilets always remain dirty; only teachers’ and Principal’s toilets remain clean. There is also absence of water-supply in the students’ toilets. Students have to urinate in the open. ii) Insanitary conditions prevail in the school. Dirty water from the toilets seeps alongside the stair-case. Sweepers are employed but they do not work properly. Infrastructure and provisions iii) Students have to sit on torn durries as there are no desks iv) Window panes are broken v) Fans do not work vi) Quality of the mid-day meals supplied is also poor Corporal punishment vii) Quality of the mid-day meals supplied is poor viii) Corporal Punishment ix) Students have complained about teachers assaulting students. There is also a suggestion of abusive language employed by teachers towards students. You are requested to take necessary action in the matter so that the students studying in these government-run schools can avail of their fundamental and statutory right of education in letter and spirit. With regards Ashok Agarwal, Advocate Advisor, Social Jurist M-09811101923

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