Sunday, May 5, 2013


Two weeks ago, the Lawyers Plus Team of Social Jurist, while visiting Dharampura Slums in East Delhi found a two years old child with heart problem. Poonam, the mother of the child told us that she had taken the child to G.B.Pant Hospital for treatment but as the hospital demanded money, she stopped going to the hospital. Poonam has three children. Her husband is doing the work of shoe polish and hardly earns two thousand rupees a month. When I asked her to come to my office at High Court next day, she said it will take two to three days as she has to collect money for conveyance. It was very painful to see that poverty preventing her even to move out for treatment of her son. Once I thought to pay her some money for conveyance but I did not do so believing that it would be a bad practice. One full week passed, she did not turn up to me. Only then I realized that something has to be done. I requested my friend Sunita Chouhan to go to the house of Poonam and bring her to me. Sunita brought Poonan and her ailing son to my office on 3/5/2013. I referred the child to Fortis Escort Heart Hospital for totally free treatment under EWS category. Next day, Sunita took Poonam and her son to Fortis Escort Heart Hospital and the Hospital immediately started providing treatment to the child.

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