Saturday, January 5, 2008


A telegraphic notice from the Convener of Right to Education Task Force was enough for The Indian School, an unaided recognized private school at New Delhi, to realize their mistake in striking off the names of Jyoti Sharma and Shelly Sharma, students of classes VIII and VI respectively, which led to the re-entry of these students in the school.

Jyoti Sharma and Shelly Sharma are sisters studying in the Indian School right from class I. The parents of these students are economically weak and were not in position to bear the burden of fees for education of their children. However, with the help of their maternal grandfather, these students were getting education in this fee charging public school. The maternal grandfather is a retired person and his only source of income is pension. The payment of pension was delayed for last few months, resulting in non-payment of the school fees in time for the quarter i.e., December 2005-March 2006. In December itself the mother requested the school to grant them some time to deposit the fees.

That on 31.01.2005, the students as usual went to the school at 7.30a.m. and while they were attending their classes, at about 10.30 a.m., the Headmistress Ms. Meenakshi Malhotra asked them to leave their classes and were told to go home. The mother of the students received telephone call from the school that due to non-payment of fees, the students have been removed from the school. The mother went to the school and offered fees through cheque but the school refused to accept it and the students came back home.

On 1.2.2006, these students went to the school to take unit test of Social Studies but they were not allowed to take the test and forced to sit idle in the library. The students informed their mother on telephone and the mother came to the school and offered fees in cash but the school refused to accept it. The students and the mother on reaching home found letters from the school informing them that the names of the students have been struck off.

That on 4.2.2006, the mother sent bank drafts towards fees along with a letter of request to the school and copies thereof to the Director of Education, but still the students were not allowed to attend classes and the school was adamant to not to withdraw their decision. Till 07.02.2006, not only the students and the mother did their best to convince the school to allow the students to attend classes but the other students also agitated on the issue against the school but unfortunately, the school remained adamant on their stand. In this process, the students and the mother repeatedly faced humiliation at the hands of the school authorities.

Failing in their attempts to pursue the school to take back the students, the mother on 7.2.2006 personally met the Convener of Right to Education Task Force and complained against the school. The Convener immediately sent a telegraphic notice to the school, which is reproduced as under:

“The Principal,
The Indian School,
Joseph Broz, Tito Marg,
New Delhi-110049.

Striking off names of Jyoti Sharma student of class VIII B and Shelly Sharma of class VI A is illegal and unjust. A request for allowing these students to attend classes immediately. Legal notice follows.

Ashok Agarwal
483, Lawyers’ Chamber, Block II,
Delhi High Court, New Delhi-110003.
Mobile No. 9811101923”

On the next day, i.e. 08.02.2006, around 2.00 pm, the mother of the students received a telephone call from the school whereby she was asked to send the students to the school on 10.2.2006 (9th being holiday). On 10.2.2006, both the students went to the school and joined their classes as usual.

It is a success story.

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