Thursday, April 19, 2012


The Delhi High Court On Wednesday directed the Delhi Government to implement the report of the “Expert Committee on Psycho-Physical Requirement and Medical Crisis Management Mechanism in Schools” prepared by the Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights.

The report emphasizes that the schools should include safety and accident prevention in their regular curriculum and also adhere to basic safety standards in schools. It highlights the immediate availability of First Aid in the schools and emergency care plan. The over 50 recommendations of the report – which was submitted in the year 2010 -- also deals with each and every aspect of the psychological and physical health and requirements of school children. At the time of the release of the report, the Government had assured that all possible steps to examine and implement the recommendations expeditiously shall be taken.

Mr Ashok Agarwal, who was amicus curiae in the matter, submitted that of and on accidents are taking place within the schools resulting in serious injuries and even deaths of students but there is nothing in the schools to take care of such medical emergencies. The government is just delaying the things which is causing serious prejudice to nearly 45 lakhs children studying in government, government-aided and private schools in Delhi. Implementation of recommendations of the committee is the need of the hour, Mr Agarwal further submitted.

On the earlier date of hearing on 21/12/2011 the court had directed the Delhi Government to submit a report on what action has been taken on the aforesaid report and whether there is a move to provide adequate health and safety measures in the schools. Thereafter, on 18/04/2012, the Delhi Government informed the court that a “Medical Crisis Management Committee” has been set up for the purpose and a meeting of the said committee had been fixed for 17/04/2012 but that meeting could not take place as the MCD elections was scheduled for 15/04/2012 and the officials were involved in the counting of votes. And that the next meeting would be convened within the next 10 days. The court however pointed out that the “Expert Committee on Psycho-Physical Requirement and Medical Crisis Management Mechanism in Schools” was constituted by the Delhi government, therefore the main task of the new committee (Medical Crisis Management Committee) set up by the Delhi Government was only to ensure how the recommendations of the earlier Committee are implemented. “Therefore, the working out of such modalities should not take much time. Since the matter pertains to the protection of the rights of children, that too, suffering from psycho-physical ailments, we expect early response and decision of the committee on these issues,” the court ruled.

The court has now directed the Delhi Government to file a status report as regard the implementations of the “Expert Committee on Psycho-Physical Requirement and Medical Crisis Management Mechanism in Schools”

Next date of hearing is 16.05.2012.

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