Saturday, June 2, 2012


It is no secret that the teachers and non teaching staff of unaided private schools are exploited by the managements of their schools. As per DSE Act and Rules 1973 they must be paid at par with their counter parts in Government Schools and on paper they are paid at par but the reality is totally different. The school managements have devised various tactics by which they pay only meager salaries to the teaching and non teaching staff and underhand take back a major part of the salary shown in books as paid to the teaching and non teaching staff. Secondly there is no job security, many teachers are hired on temporary /ad hoc basis and are never made permanent even after teaching for many years, simply by manipulating their service records. Hardly any teacher dares to raise his/her voice against the injustice and anybody who dares is immediately terminated by the school management. On the other hand, the parents are being exploited by the managements of unaided private schools since they know that the parents have no other option than to get their wards admitted in unaided private schools as the standard of education in the Government or Government aided schools are very poor. The managements of unaided schools are very conveniently using teachers against parents and the parents against teachers to achieve their ulterior goals of making as much money as possible in shortest possible time. All India Parents Association (AIPA) believes that until and unless parents, Teacher and non teaching staff are united, this exploitation is not going to end. In order to discus and understand the problems faced by the teaching and non teaching staff of unaided private schools and to find out solutions, the AIPA is organizing a meeting on Sunday the 3rd June 2012 at 11:00 AM at Lawyers Canteen, Western Wing, Tis Hazari Courts Delhi. Teachers and staff members from unaided private schools are welcome and invited to join the meeting to share their experiences and problems to chalk out an action plan to fight against the exploitation. Ashok Agarwal, Advocate National President, AIPA M-09811101923 I.S.Gambhir President, AIPA, Delhi M-9717278279

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