Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Unaided School insists parent to pay late fee fine beyond legally prescribe

Mr. Suresh Kaushik (M-9868217572) whose two wards are studying in Darbari Lal D.A.V School, ND Block, Pitampura, Delhi in Classes X and IV has complained to me that he could not deposit fee for quarter April-June 2012 in the month of April 2012 for some unavoidable reasons. Today, when he went to the school to deposit the fee, the school arbitrarily, illegally and unjustly asked him to deposit fee along with Rs.200/- per student on account of late fee fine. The parent objected to it on the ground that Rule 166 of Delhi School Education Rules, 1973 prescribes fine for late payment of fees at the rate of five paise for every day after the 10th, for which the default continues but the school still insisted upon the payment of fine of Rs.200/- each student.

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