Saturday, September 8, 2012


Last week, a man from Delhi Holambi Kalan Resettlement Colony approached me. He came to my chamber along with his five children, the eldest one was girl and the rest were boys. His wife left all of them last year. He wanted me to help him to bring his wife back as in her absence, he was unable to look after the children. On my query, he told me that all his children except the eldest girl are attending the school. He further told me that her daughter was studying in class VIII but now he has withdrawn her from the school as she has to cook food for all of them. On hearing all this, I got angry and threatened him that if he would not get her daughter readmitted in the school the same day, I would put him in jail. So far as his problem with his wife is concerned, I told him that would I see later on. The gentleman was so much terrified that he got her daughter readmitted in the school same day. Now she is attending the school regularly.

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