Friday, September 21, 2012


11 years old Neha is suffering from Brain Tumor and is admitted in Delhi Government run Lok Nayak Jaiprakash Hospital since 31 August 2012. Her condition is critical. Her father, Anil Prashad is in a private service with salary of 6000 rupees a month. On 3.9.12, the Doctor advised for MRI. 10 September was given for the MRI. The father was asked to deposit Rs.6000/- on account of MRI cost with the hospital. Despite poor economic condition, the father somehow managed and deposited Rs. 6000/- with the hospital. There after, he was told that the MRI machine was non-functional and next date of 20 September was given. On 20 September, the father was again told that MRI machine was non-functional and again next of 25 September was given for MRI. When the father objected to it, he was told to get MRI done from outside. When father asked for the refund of Rs.6000/-, the Doctor told him that it would take at least two months time as the money was lying with government department. Feeling harassed and loosing all hopes from the LNJP Hospital, the poor father has today approached me for arranging free treatment in some private hospital. I immediately talked to Dr. Himanshu Shekar, EWS Nodal Officer of Bensups Hospital at Dwarka and he agreed to take the patient. Anil Prashad is expected to take the patient to Bensups Hospital tomorrow.

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Poor Hospital!