Friday, May 29, 2015

Give re-examination opportunity to Class IX and XI-failed students - AIPA writes to CBSE Chairman

The Chairman
Central Board of Secondary Examination
Shiksha Kendra
2, Community Centre
Preet Vihar, Delhi - 110092
New Delhi


Sub: Give re-examination opportunity to Class IX and XI-failed students

Dear Sir

We are extremely alarmed by the fact that large numbers of children of Class IX an XI have been failed this year, many for the second time. These children have been attending school regularly for so many years and with expectations and aspirations to make a better life, with their parents reposing full faith in the public education system and the government to fulfill the Right to Education it has promised them. But the state has failed in its responsibility to do justice to the years they have spent in its schools, and has not ensured that they get a learning environment, for meaningful learning. Last year many of them had been failed but went again to the same class, despite the humiliation and demotivation, hoping that the second time their schools might take better care of them. But that was not to happen. They will tell you how even extra classes were taken very casually and non-seriously, and no one took responsibility for their learning. Many of their parents paid extra for tuition, from out of their meager wages, but unqualified tutors could not compensate for what was the task of trained government teachers. Moreover, what goes in the name of teaching and assessing is only promoting rote memorisation, without encouraging them to make sense or think for themselves. Their classrooms are often over crowded, dismal and poorly furnished, and the fact that they have gone to school year after year shows the hope and trust reposed in the system.

Furthermore, the changes in the marking pattern made by you especially  concerning the guidelines for Class IX has been vague that no parent is certain that what kind of result is required for their ward to pass in to Class X. This the school is also taking advantage of. CCE is a boon for the nation but do not make it into bane for the parents by the school interpreting and applying it according to their whims and fancies.

On behalf of thousands of such children there is one earnest request to you. Please permit holding of a second supplementary examination for them. We have already requested the Government of NCT of Delhi to hold special classes for them for two months. They will work hard if the teachers take them seriously and inspire confidence. After being given the best possible Special Enrichment, a supplementary exam may be held for them in early August.

They are just asking for a fair chance so that their lives are not made hopeless at this young age, through a callous system that has not given them their right to learn, with meaning, creativity, care and respect.

This is crucial age and a little support can make or break them.

Hoping you care for these children, whose parents have invested all they have in the future of their children.


Ashok Agarwal, Advocate                                            
National President, AIPA                                             

Prof. Anita Rampal                          
Faculty of Education
Delhi University
Delhi 110007

Satya Prakash
General Secretary
AIPA, Delhi


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