Sunday, July 31, 2011


On visit to schools, finding physical conditions in poor shape and hygiene can fill one with anger. But when one sees how the children have become so conditioned to acting against their own best interests and instead are serving the interests of others – in fact they are serving the interests of the very people who are responsible for the poor state of their schools – then one becomes very depressed and despairing indeed.

The other day, on visit to MCD Primary School, Old Seelampur, Delhi on July 30, 2011, one shift had ended and another of boy students was starting. The second shift of class 5 came in. I casually asked one boy – ‘do you sweep the classroom?’ Other boys quickly crowded around the boy to whom I had asked the question. They answered “No sir, our teacher is very good, we are never made to clean the room.” All the others added words to show agreement with him. One innocent boy added – ‘when we were in Class IV we were made to clean every day – but now we don’t have to”. The poor chap had inadvertently let the cat out of the bag. I turned away to leave. Suddenly I looked back and found that all the other boys had gathered together and were beating up the boy who had given away the truth.

Is it not bad enough that the children have to put up with unhygienic toilets, holes in roofs and dirty classrooms, but why do they have to protect those who are responsible for this state of affairs – to the extent of turning against one of their own? Who has terrorized them so much? The teachers? In fact the teachers should unite with students to complain about their dirty classrooms. Why don’t they? Whose interests are the teachers serving? Are they terrorized too? Of whom? Why are they sacred to speak the truth? This subservient mentality, when will it go? We will rain blow on each other, we may even kill each other but we will fear to offend ‘the masters’. If this is the mind-set that the next generation is learning in our schools – will we ever be independent? Will things ever change?

AshokAgarwal, Advocate



Thursday, July 21, 2011


Kumari Nahid has passed class VII from the Government Girls Inter College, Hayat Nagar, Sambal, Muradabad, U.P. while staying with her grand father. Now she has shifted to Delhi and living with her parents. Her father is a daily wager. She approached Zeenat Mahal SKV for admission in class VIII but admission denied. She went to DDE office but no one listen her. She wants to study but the shameless Delhi Government is keeping her out of school. The learned Attorney General of India is arguing before a Supreme Court Bench headed by the Chief Justice of India that the Government is committed to provide quality education to all the children in terms of RTE Act, 2009. Now, Nahid has decided to approach Delhi High Court for relief.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


GIRL STUDENT MOVES DELHI H C ON DENIAL OF ADMISSION IN CLASS XI BY DELHI GOVT SCHOOL - HEARING ON MONDAY 18.07.2011 - The petitioner who belongs to OBC category has submitted in the petition that the Delhi Government has been publicly making tall claims expressing seriousness about the education of the girls but the present case exposes the Government that they are in fact and reality rather insensitive to the education of the girls.

The petitioner also submitted in the petition that despite the fact that the Delhi Education Minister writing to the School Principal to consider the case of the petitioner for admission in Class XI, the School Principal has shown total disrespect and disregard to the directives having been given by its higher-ups. This further exposes the failure of the system in regard to the education of the children of the National Capital City of India. It is really unfortunate that a girl child has to run from pillar to post fighting for her right to education as guaranteed to her by the Constitution of India. It is needless to say that the petitioner is not the only victim of this mal-practice and anti-child education system but there are thousands of other children also in Delhi who are similarly denied admission in government schools on one or the other false pretext.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


BREAKING NEWS - Just now, I have been informed by a social worker Joginder (9891917029) that Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi despite having 9 ews beds vacant, declined to provide free treatment to a very poor ews patient namely, Anand Kumar, 34 years age. The hospital has raised a bill of Rs.1,35,000/-. He was admitted on 7 July 2011 and has been discharged today. The poor patient borrowing from relatives and friends somehow deposited lac with the hospital and he has no more money to pay. The hospital is not allowing the patient to leave the hospital without payment of full bill. In terms of Delhi High Court orders in Social Jurist PIL the Hospital ought to have treated him totally free. The Hospital should have returned lac to the patient.

Friday, July 8, 2011


In an unprecedented order, Delhi School Tribunal presided over by Mr. N. P. Kaushik punished Dr. M. Aslam Parvaiz, Manager, Cambridge Primary School, New Friends Colony with an imprisonment for a term of four weeks and pay fine to the extent of Rs.1000/-. The Judge has also issued a warrant of attachment of the bank account of the school to the extent of Rs.20 lacs.

The Tribunal has punished the School Manager as it has found that the orders dated 11.06.2005 setting aside compulsory retirement order of Sh. Kailash Chand Jain has been flouted by the school. “There is no reasonable excuse shown by the respondent school for non-compliance of the orders in question”, the Judge noted in its order dated 04.07.2011.

In this historical order, the Tribunal has for the first time exercised its powers under Section 27 of Delhi School Education Act, 1973 which makes a Manager of recognized private school liable to imprisonment and fine for omitting or failing, without any reasonable excuse, to carry out any orders made by the tribunal.

Friday, July 1, 2011



To, 01.07.2011

Shri Arvinder Singh Lovely,

Education Minister,

Govt. of NCT of Delhi,

Delhi Secretariat,

IP Estate,

New Delhi – 110002

Sub: English subject denied and Sanskrit subject imposed

Dear Sir,

It has been brought to our notice by Kumari Keshwati D/o Suresh Chander Baghel R/o B-187, Galli No. 13, PH-10, Shiv Vihar K-Nagar, Delhi-94, (Ph no: 09718621614) that she has passed Class X CBSE Examination 2010-11 while studying in Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya, Gokulpur village, Delhi-94. A copy of mark sheet is enclosed hereto for your ready reference. A complaint of Kumari Keshwati addressed to the undersigned is also enclosed hereto.

Kumari Keshwati has complained that despite the fact that she has passed Class X Examination (Passed in English subject also), the school has denied her admission/promotion to Class XI in Humanities stream with English subject and compelling her to take Sanskrit instead of English. The student is very much mentally disturbed by such illegal and unjust action on the part of the school.

The case of Kumari Keshwati is not the only case in which the school has denied English subject and compelled the student to take Sanskrit subject, but almost all Government schools are doing the same thing causing great prejudice to these young students career. It is submitted that the schools by hook or by crook want to show the highest pass percentage even if it is done at the cost of the career and the life of the students. You will appreciate that Sanskrit has no utility whereas without English, it is almost impossible for a person to survive in this competitive world.

It is, therefore, requested that you may kindly look into this matter and take necessary action ensuring that the students are not unnecessarily harassed by the schools by denying them English subject in Humanities stream.

With regards,

Ashok Agarwal, Advocate
Advisor, Social Jurist
Mob no: 09811101923