Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A family from mathura ( mrs. Geeta Devi 28 yrs and her husband mr. Jagvir 37 yrs.)approached me today . Jagvir was suffering from severe kidney disorder and renal failure .A few months back he got himself treated in Ganga ram hospital . Due to expensive treatment he was forced to sell off his 5 buffaloes @ 50,000 even though he had got help from the PMO office which was around Rs. 3 lakh . Geeta his wife donated the kidney to her husband . The operation was successful . However Geeta needs as much care as her husband does post kidney transplant. Even then their monthly expenditure is amounting to approximately a sum of Rs. 15000 . This family who were working as laborers initially is stranded having sold their land as well as their cattle to save their lives in the capital city .They are neither left with money, nor with any source of income due to their incapacity to work because of their poor health . Both Geet and Jagvir have been referred to SGRH for their further treatment under ews category. Such is the story of the poor and underprivileged suffering from various types of severe and acute diseases in our motherland .