Saturday, July 27, 2013

St. Stephen's Hospital stops free treatment to 15 yrs old poor patient - Social Jurist writes to Hospital

To The Medical Superintendent St. Stephen’s Hospital Tis Hazari, Delhi: 1100 54 27.07.2013 Subject: Request for continuing free treatment of 15 year old patient Neha Sir, This is in regard to Ms. Neha, a 15 year old female child suffering from a kidney disorder. Your Hospital had been giving free treatment to the child for nearly 13 years (Hospital No: F85907, I.P. No.F85907/5). She had also been admitted to the Hospital on various occasions, latest from 10.07.2013 to 13.07.2013. (Copy of discharge summary attached) However, recently, on 15.07.2013, when her grandmother brought her to the Hospital, she was told by the Social Worker at your Hospital that the Hospital shall no longer extend free treatment to her she would have to bear all the expenses. It is submitted that Ms. Neha is a child without parental support and is looked after by her maternal grandmother, a poor senior citizen belonging to EWS category. In these circumstances, it is requested that your Hospital may kindly continue with her free treatment. With regards, Ashok Agarwal, Advocate Advisor, ocial Jurist M-09811101923 Enclosure: A copy of the discharge-summary of Ms. Neha

Friday, July 26, 2013


Lawyers Plus Team of Social Jurist led by Adv Ashok Agarwal shall visit Slums at Lalbagh, Azadpur, Delhi on Sunday July 28, 2013 from 8.00 am to 10.00 am to interact with the slum dwellers (door to door) on right to education and right to health. Those interested to join us may please reach at Masjid on G.T. Road, outside Lalbagh Slums at 8.00 am sharp. Nearest Metro Station is Azadpur. Ashok Agarwal, Advocate M-09811101923 26.07.2013

Wednesday, July 24, 2013



Parents belonging to Muslim community and residing at Shastri Park, Buland Darwaja, Delhi have approached Advocate Ashok Agarwal this morning complaining that their wards are denied admission both in Delhi Government and MCD run schools of the area. It is submitted that the Government and MCD schools have made mockery of the right to education. Poor parents are harassed by the schools when they approach them for admission of their wards. It is interesting to note that the parents belonging to Muslim community are expressing their interest in the education of their children but the Government is totally insensitive towards them.

Monday, July 22, 2013



Deccan Herald Sunday July 21, 2013 carried a story under caption "Forged certificates used to get into KVs". This report says, " The RTI replies revealed that parents of 13 children got their wards enrolled in class I at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Pushp Vihar, on the basis of forged Central Government service certificates in 2011." One of such parents today came to my office at High Court and told me that his son is studying in class VI in Sangam Vihar KV. The Principal of the school is not allowing his son to attend the classes and is asking him to obtain TC. He is working in a private establishment and hardly earns monthly income of Rs.6000/-. His son was admitted in class I six years ago. As he wanted his son in a good school, he had no other option except to produce a bogus service certificate in the school. The bigger issue is: Whether arbitrary and discriminatory KVs Admission Criteria has forced innocent parents to produce fake Central Government service certificates for admission of their wards in KVs? I may not be understood as one justifying the parents deeds of producing fake service certificates in KVs. What I am candidly focusing is the circumstances having been created by the Central Government itself that has forced the parents to go to this extent. Why the Central Government has denied equal opportunity of admission in KVs to every child? It is submitted that the KVs Admission Policy is not only arbitrary and discriminatory but also unconstitutional and contrary to the provisions of RTE Act, 2009.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Pay 5th and 6th Pay Commissions salaries to teachers- Delhi High Court orders unaided schools

Delhi High Court (Valmiki J. Mehta J.) today provided relief to as many as 48 teaching and non-teaching employees by directing Arya Vidya Mandir and C.L. Bhalla Dayanand Model School to pay to their employees arrears of salaries in terms of 5th and 6th Pay Commissions within 3 months, failing which, the schools have also to pay 9% interest. These directions came on the petitions filed by the employees of these schools through Adv. Ashok Agarwal. Mr. Ashok Agarwal appearing for the teaching and non-teaching staff argued that by not paying due salaries and other benefits to the employees, the unaided private schools are exploiting them. Rejecting the plea of financial constraints raised by unaided schools Justice Valmiki J Mehta held that financial constraints cannot be held as valid ground for unaided private schools to deny salaries, DA, ACP and MACP benefits due to their employees under 5th and 6th Pay Commissions. Ashok Agarwal, Advocate M-09811101923 19.07.2013

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Archaic Delhi Government School at Nathupura shuts its door for 12 year old deaf and dumb girl

ALL INDIA PARENTS ASSOCIATION Aggarwal Bhawan, G. T. Karnal Road, Tis Hazari, Delhi -110054 To Prof. Ms. Kiran Walia Education Minister Government of NCT of Delhi Secretariat I.P. Estate New Delhi-11002 17.07.2013 Sub: - Archaic Delhi Government School at Nathupura shuts its door for 12 year old deaf and dumb girl Dear Madam, An appalling story of grave apathy towards disabled children and their rights, coupled with blatant disregard of various laws and Delhi High Court Orders has come to light wherein the Government Girls’ Senior Secondary School, Nathu Pura, Delhi-84 has denied admission to a 12 year-old deaf and dumb girl, Shivani purely on the ground of her disability, that too, after making her and her father run from pillar to pole for half a month. . Shivani’s father has approached me with a written complaint dated 17.07.2013 seeking assistance for getting the girl admitted to the nearby government school. The said complaint letter is enclosed hereto for your reference. Kumari Shivani d/o Shesh Mani Misra (09891281090) r/o 576, Gali no. 25, Chandan Vihar, West Sant Nagar, Burari, Delhi-110084 has passed class VII from Bajrang Vidya Mandir Junior High School, Beera Pur Kelalal Khan, Faizabad while staying with her grandparents in the village. Now she has shifted to Delhi and is living with her father at Burari. She possesses a valid Transfer Certificate from the previous school duly counter signed by the Education Officer. Kumari Shivani along with her father had approached the Government Girls Senior Secondary School (First Shift) Nathu Pura, Delhi-110084 on 02.07.2013 for her admission to class VIII. The Principal of the school asked her father to produce the girl’s Aadhar card and also get a bank account opened in her name as a pre-condition for her admission. Without getting demoralized by such tedious and ridiculous pre-conditions, the girl and her father took steps to get both the formalities completed and again approached the school on 15.07.2013.This time, to their utter surprise, they were told by the school Principal that the school does not fall in the area in which she resides and therefore they should approach the government school at Burari. They now turned to the Government School at Burari and were as usual directed back to the Nathupura school. Determined not to give up, the father and daughter again went to Nathupura School on 16.07.2013. But this time around, the Principal at Nathu Pura School blatantly cited the reason of her disability to deny her admission. She further directed the father and daughter to either approach another school or go to the Education Officer at Lucknow Road. Shivani is now sitting idle at home while her father is running from pillar to pole at the cost of his work in his effort to afford her an admission in the nearby school. The most horrible part of the story is that this is not the first case where a government school has denied admission to a child with disability but it is a routine affair. It is quite apparent from such repeated instances that the persons who are manning the schools are highly insensitive and ignorant of the right to education of children with disability. Astonishingly, the token service being rendered to the handful of disabled children in Delhi Government schools through Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan Resource Teachers too has been withdrawn by the Government, as these resource teachers have been disengaged. Thus the Government now seems to have resorted to a policy of naked disregard for the disabled children. It is needless to reiterate here that way back in 2009 the Hon’ble High Court in a Social Jurist PIL has expressly directed that no state run school shall deny admission to any child with disability, besides directing the appointment of at least two special educators in each school. Moreover, the 2010 Amendment in the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009 has clearly emphasized that every child with disability has an equal fundamental and statutory right to study in a full time main-stream school. Therefore the officers who deny admission to children with disabilities are not only guilty of violating the Fundamental and statuary rights of these children available to them under Articles 14, 21A and 38 of the Constitution of India and the RTE Act, 2009 but also of contempt of the Hon’ble Delhi High Court. Unfortunately the Government of Delhi has always been soft towards these erring officials. I hope and expect that the government will take immediate action in this matter and set an effective precedent for all government officials to be careful, vigilant and sensitive towards the legal rights of the children with disabilities. In the meantime, it is requested that appropriate steps be taken to get the girl admitted to the school on priority basis without any delay and ensure appropriate assistance to her in overcoming the hurdles likely to be faced by her in her education on account of disability. With Regards Ashok Agarwal, Advocate National President, AIPA M:-9811101923

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bhagvan Mahavir Hospital denies free treatment to its own poor employee - Member Monitoring Committee writes to Hospital

To The Medical Superintendent Bhagvan Mahavir Hospital Sector-14 Extension Madhuban Chowk, Rohini New Delhi-110085 16.07.2013 Dear Sir, Find enclosed hereto a letter of Ms. Neha Sharma stated to have been working with you for last 19 years as Aya and drawing monthly salary of Rs. 7000/-. Her son has recently remain admitted in your hospital as he was suffering from malaria. Your hospital has raised a bill for Rs. 10,000/- and pressuring her to make payment thereof though she is covered under E.W.S category patients and legally entitled to free treatment in regard to her son. She has now approached me for help. You are requested to consider her request for not insisting upon payment of any amount on account of treatment having being given to her son in the hospital and do the needful. With regards, Ashok Agarwal, Advocate M-9811101923

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Kulachi Hansraj Model School that had denies admission to over 15 E.W.S girl students in class XI, after receipt of notice from All India Parents Association, called all the students and then not only granted admission but also given copies and books to them. The principal told the students, "Don't think that I am granting you admission due to pressure on account of notice received by us but because we wanted you to study."

Sunday, July 7, 2013


60 years old lady Kherunisha (M-9718633231) yesterday evening called me on my mobile literally crying for help. She told me that she is suffering from multiple fracture and has been lying in the corridor of LNJP Hospital for the last one month unattended by the Doctors. She has been denied treatment on the alleged ground of non-availability of bed in the Hospital. I was very much upset and disturb after listening to this lady. I advised her relative to contact ews nodal officer of the LNJP Hospital and get the patient referred to any identified private hospital for free treatment under ews category. I was told after an hour by the relative of the patient that he has contacted the office of the Medical Superintendent and has been told that nothing could be done before Monday. What kind of rotten system it is? I thought. I started looking for the possibilities. I contacted Dr. A.P.Choudhry, Director (Medical), Maharaja Agarsen Hospital, Punjabi Bagh and shared with him the problem. After sometime I got a call from Dr. Choudhry telling me that though the EWS quota beds were already fully occupied but if I wanted that patient to be accommodated under ews quota, the same would be done. I requested Dr. Choudhry to accommodate the poor and needy patient. He agreed to that and told me to send the patient to the Hospital. Thereafter the patient after hiring an ambulance went to Maharaja Agarsen Hospital and was admitted. Old lady patient Kherunisha today talked to me from the Hospital and seemed to be very happy.

Saturday, July 6, 2013



East Delhi Municipal Corporation run school at Kalyanpuri turns out 11 years old Shalu, a mentally retarded student, from the school illegally and in violation of RTE Act, 2009. The Mother of Shalu, has approached Advocate Ashok Agarwal for taking up the cause of Kumari Shalu.

Friday, July 5, 2013


Congress ruled Delhi Government decision to allow unaided private schools of Delhi to run double-shift schools is a big fraud being played by it on the children of this Capital City of India. Such a decision is only in favor of the Greedy Private Schools Owners. All India Parents Association (AIPA) is totally opposed to this decision. NCERT Expert Committee on RTE Act, 2009 headed by Advocate Ashok Agarwal as back as on 03.03.2010 had recommended that all double shift schools would need to be forthwith converted to single shift schools, with the teacher pupil ratios as specified in the Schedule to the RTE Act, 2009.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Vote bank politics stretches its tentacles to school-education

ALL INDIA PARENTS ASSOCIATION (AIPA) PRESS-RELEASE 04.07.2013 A news report which appeared in a leading daily toady reads that the Delhi government is planning to extend “relaxations” in the criteria for eligibility in admission to various streams of Class XII for the benefit of minorities and OBCs. Under the proposed scheme, students belonging to these categories shall be able to avail of a relaxation of up to one grade-point in one of the subjects. The news report further reads that such a relaxation is already available to children belonging to SC/ST and Kashmiri migrant communities. However, the larger question is: what is the logic behind depriving the entire student community of its rights to choose its own fields of interest and then extending peace-meal tokens of charity to select communities, thereby adding discrimination to injustice? Firstly, is it a reasonable assumption that a child who does not seem to be showing signs of becoming a very good doctor, what he wants to be, would automatically have seeds of becoming a good accountant and an even better public administrator, what he never wanted to be? Should he not rather be left free to pursue his interest and struggle out his own way to become a good doctor? It seems that the government is hell-bent upon denying the streams of their own choice, particularly Sciences and Commerce to the vast majority of students studying in government schools, leaving them with no choice but to turn to private schools. Moreover, in view of the upcoming Assembly elections, the government has begun to see even school-education and even choices so fundamental as the choice of career, as means to cater to its vote-banks, by dividing students into categories such as SC, ST, OBC, minority, J & K migrant and so on. While so many categories have been found fit to be given relaxations, why not the entire student community? All India Parents Association demands greater autonomy to students across all strata and sections of society in making their career-choices through considerable relaxations in archaic stream-admission criteria, without any discrimination on grounds of caste, religion, region etc. ASHOK AGARWAL, ADVOCATE National President, AIPA M: 9811101923