Monday, July 22, 2013


Deccan Herald Sunday July 21, 2013 carried a story under caption "Forged certificates used to get into KVs". This report says, " The RTI replies revealed that parents of 13 children got their wards enrolled in class I at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Pushp Vihar, on the basis of forged Central Government service certificates in 2011." One of such parents today came to my office at High Court and told me that his son is studying in class VI in Sangam Vihar KV. The Principal of the school is not allowing his son to attend the classes and is asking him to obtain TC. He is working in a private establishment and hardly earns monthly income of Rs.6000/-. His son was admitted in class I six years ago. As he wanted his son in a good school, he had no other option except to produce a bogus service certificate in the school. The bigger issue is: Whether arbitrary and discriminatory KVs Admission Criteria has forced innocent parents to produce fake Central Government service certificates for admission of their wards in KVs? I may not be understood as one justifying the parents deeds of producing fake service certificates in KVs. What I am candidly focusing is the circumstances having been created by the Central Government itself that has forced the parents to go to this extent. Why the Central Government has denied equal opportunity of admission in KVs to every child? It is submitted that the KVs Admission Policy is not only arbitrary and discriminatory but also unconstitutional and contrary to the provisions of RTE Act, 2009.

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