Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Violation of Child Rights – Complaint against Summer Field School, Kailash Colony



The Chairperson,

Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights

5th Floor, ISBT Building,

Kashmeri Gate, Delhi-11006


Sub: Violation of Child Rights – Complaint against Summer Field School, Kailash Colony

Dear Sir,

Shri Rashid Ahmad Khan, parent of Master Ayaan Ahmad Khan has brought to our notice that Master Ayaan Ahmad Khan, a student of class XII B in Summer Field School, Kailash Colony, New Delhi had been critically injured on 30 March 2011 during school hours on account of the school’s negligence. It is stated that on 30 March 2011 around 11:35 am during lunch break the students were in playful mood, they were pushing the door of class from both ends. Master Ayaan was trying to go inside the class from outside. As he pushed the door, his hand met with the glass on the upper part of the door and was broken by a slight force only as it was already loose, after this he could not control his hand from falling on his wrist on the remaining broken pieces of glass still struck on the door ,he had hurt his right wrist with one major and one slightly small cut. He was taken to Sehgal nursing home by the school clinic incharge as she saw him badly injured. Ayaan had to undergo a surgery on his right wrist for almost two hours and was plastered for 21 days. Even after getting his stitches cut and wound healed he had to take a physiotherapy for about three months and his hand may take six months to heal from inside properly.

It is submitted that all the treatment that Ayan received in the nursing home was billed to Rs. 36 thousands and for the medicines and the consultation to doctor and bandage which is approximately Rs 3000/- per week is continuing. Apart from this the mental trauma caused to the whole family and physical pain that Ayaan is suffering can not be compensated by any means. However, the school must bear the cost of treatment for Ayaan by the nursing home as it would at least convey a message that that the quality of glass used on the class door was very poor, hence, this unfortunate accident and the same is the case with all the glasses used in school.

It is also submitted that that parents think school as the safest place for their kids after homes and if the building of school is so unsafely made how will the parents get confidence in school. The same can happen again to some other student if corrective steps are not taken as it seems that the glass used does not meet the safety standard. It is submitted that the safety and security of the student in the school during school hours is of paramount importance and the breach of the same tantamount to violation of right to education.

It is submitted that the kids cannot be barred from playing and school is a place where they will most definitely play with friends. So we can not find fault with the kids for playing in the school. As it is Summer Fields now has no space left for the students to play like before. It is needless to say that right to play is one of the most important rights of the kids which cannot be ignored by any school.

The parent has written a letter to the school as back as on 12.04.2011 followed by a reminder but the school has not bothered to even respond to these letters. It is, therefore, requested that necessary action may be taken against the school to ensure safe and sound environment to the students.

With regards,

Ashok Agarwal, Advocate

Advisor, Social Jurist,


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