Thursday, April 5, 2012


On April 03, 2012, a meeting took place in Delhi Secretariat on the invitation from the Delhi Principal Secretary (Health) to work out more smooth ways and means to implement Supreme Court and Delhi High Court orders directing private hospitals situated on public lands to provide totally free treatment to the extent of 10% IPD and 25% OPD to the patients belonging to economically weaker section (EWS). Members of the monitoring committee, representatives from government-run hospitals and representatives from identified private hospitals participated in the meeting. At present, there are 43 identified private hospitals with nearly 800 free-beds facility. It is expected that now private dispensaries situated on public lands would also be included for the purpose of providing free-treatment to the EWS patients. Mr. Ashok Agarwal, advocate and member of the monitoring committee suggested for opening of 24X7 Helpline by Delhi Government for the help of EWS patients. The principal secretary(Health) has given a clear message to all the identified private hospitals that strict action would be taken against the defaulting hospitals. It was again clarified that EWS patient from any part of the country would be eligible to get totally free treatment in the identified private hospitals. It was further clarified that mere declaration by the patient or his/her relative in regard to the family income would be sufficient proof and no hospital would insist for producing any kind of documentary proof.


Anonymous said...

This comment for for the average middle class people who are not poor but visit these hospitals and pay for their treatments at full prices. I am one of these people. We need to understand that nothing, in reality, is free. The free treatment that the poor will get still costs money.

The question is, where does this money come from? It will be nice if it came from the profits of these hospitals. But that will never happen. No one can compel the hospitals to pay it out of their profits. Hence, it will come out of our, the regular non-poor citizen's pockets. We will pay higher prices for the same service or receive less service for the same price.

Don't be fooled by people like Mr. Agarwal's arguments. Nothing is free. You and I will ultimately end up subsidizing the poor. I will personally not visit any hospital that provides free treatment to the poor.

It's a shame that the government, who's job it is really to provide all this free stuff is so utterly incompetent that common citizens like you and I will suffer.

My advice to everyone like me - get smart. Do not believe everything you hear from Mr. Agarwal and his buddies. Don't be fooled!

Private Hospitals said...

I really appreciate what you did for poor people! I do not doubt that private hospitals receive seriously ill or collapse cases from time to time, but the loads are obviously nowhere close to what the public sector handles.

Unknown said...

I think medical treatment in private hospital for economically weaker section can be very difficult & good decision has been made now these people can choose private hospitals for medical treatment.
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