Monday, December 17, 2012


It was all interesting to watch Rajya Sabha proceedings today on Constitutional Amendment Bill relating to promotional quota for SC & ST in Government Services. Is it all vote bank politics or our parliamentarian are really serious to do justice with the deprived section of the society?

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Rumi rankup said...

The Rajya Sabha proceedings on the Constitutional Amendment Bill for promotional quota for SC & ST in Government Services raise a pertinent question: Is it a manifestation of vote bank politics or a genuine effort to ensure justice for the deprived? As Criminal Lawyer in Lucknow High Court, we closely observe these developments, recognizing the significance of social justice in our legal system. While the intention behind the bill remains a subject of debate, it is crucial that our parliamentarians prioritize the welfare of the marginalized sections of society and strive for true equality. The balance between political considerations and the pursuit of justice must be carefully weighed, ensuring that policies and amendments reflect the principles of fairness and inclusivity, fostering a society where every individual has equal access to opportunities.