Saturday, January 12, 2013


The man sitting on the floor in the picture 1 and the woman in picture 2 are herdsmen in Khamda village of Dharni Tehsil, District Amravati in Northern Maharashtra (Vidharbha). The herdsmen take out the villagers’ cattle for grazing everyday and get a roti a day from every household as wages. Once in a year, they receive a payment of Rs. 100 per animal as gift on Holi festivals from the villagers, which constitutes their annual wages. Beyond that, they never get a single penny during any other time of the year. In some other villages in the region, not having enough cattle in their own village, the herdsmen go to other nearby villages for work, crossing several miles of forest every day. Their system of remuneration remains the same, a roti a day from each household and Rs.100/- per animal on Holi. This information has been collected from these unfortunate workers by Advocates Ashok Agarwal and Nisha Tomar during their recent visit (from 22.12.12 to 28.12.12) to the Tribal Villages of Amravati District in the Vidharbha Belt of Maharashtra. Ashok Agarwal, Advocate M-09811101923 12/01/2013

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