Wednesday, May 1, 2013

HC Notice to UGC on faulty evaluation in UGC-NET Examination Dec. 2012

The Delhi High Court (Hon’ble Mr. Justice G.S. Sistani) on Wednesday, May 1, 2013 issued notice to University Grants Commission on a petition by Ms. Shruti Jain and Ms. Amandeep Kaur, filed through Advocate Ashok Agarwal and sought reply within 4 weeks. The petition contends that the answer-key for English paper –II of UGC-NET Examinations held in December 2012, released by the UGC on which the UGC evaluation was based, wrongly acknowledged option A instead of option B as the correct answer to question no. 29, which led to lowering of the petitioners’ marks and denial of UGC-NET qualification to them. The said question was “_____ was the first sonnet-sequence in English.” The answer that appeared in the answer key was option A, i.e. “Edmund Spencer’s Amoretti” while according to the petitioners, the correct answer is option B, i.e. “Philip Sidney’s Astrophel and Stella”, which is backed by assertions of senior professors from several universities and over a dozen books and web-sources. “The action on the part of the UGC in denying UGC-NET qualification to the petitioners is illegal, unjustified, arbitrary, discriminatory, unreasonable, unconstitutional and violative of Articles 14 and 21 of the Constitution of India”, argued Mr. Agarwal. The next date of hearing is fixed for 12.07.2013. Ashok Agarwal, Advocate M-09811101923 01/05/2013


Shruti Jain said...

These gists are enlightening and open us to all the faces of injustice. This facet of your work again reflects your passion and sincere dedication to your work sir.

Anonymous said...

In UGC NET 30-12-12 subject Education,There was Q. no 60 ,paper III Subject Education. Delinquency is committed by the children of the age group? As per UGC updated answer key correct ans. is (C)7-15 years. But in UGC NET June 2012 same question asked in paper III 28 and it is surprised that as per answer key updated on UGC website for June 12 showed answer (B)8-18 Years. There are contradiction on same thing. In Dec. 2012 UGC Net I ticked ans. (A) to Q 60 Paper III of Education.There are other discripencis as well. Agarwal sir kindly take this as evidence to your PIL. my mail Id Regards

Pratik Jain said...


I had a conversation with Dr. Surinder Singh on 03rd May 13, Time 16.01, regarding UGC NET June 12 and UGC NET Dec 12.

I asked him about the Nagpur DB Verdict which also comes in favor of Student ,so When UGC declare the result of student he said we did not received the Verdict copy as yet however I am attaching the receiving copy of the Nagpur verdict which UGC received on 2nd May 13. Then he said we have appeal in Double bench at Kerla high court so we are waiting for the verdict of the same so my question is that if Nagpur DB already given the verdict in favor of student then why should we waiting for the the DB Kerla High Court Kerla high court is superior than the Nagpur high court . We have already win Single bench from Kerla High Court, Madurai High Court, Gwalior High Court, Nagpur High Court, then what are we waiting for. Even as per Nagpur Verdict you cannot go to Supreme Court

Result is already delayed due to manipulation done by UGC in passing Criteria which has been resolved by DB Nagpur High Court verdict and Still Dr. Surinder Singh is saying that we are waiting for the Kerla High court DB verdict which would lead to further delay in declaring the result and loosing opportunity by the student which is not acceptable and it is also a contempt of Nagpur DB Bench Verdict which is not acceptable at all. We need a written answer from UGC whether UGC honoring the verdict of Nagpur high court or not and declaring the result within 8 weeks as per the Verdict from Nagpur high court?

Thereafter I asked Surinder Singh What about December 2012 Result he said result was declared , then I asked him but the same issue has been raised by the December 2012 Student also he said no we did not received any objection or Court case on Net Dec 12 result however I have registered a case in Punjab High Court regarding the same . Case no CWP 7967 Dated 11 April 2013, Dr. Surinder Singh reply clearly state that he is neither a reliable source nor a trust worthy person for the answer ,I have recorded the conversation between me and Dr. Surinder Singh which is attached for your reference. In case if he is not aware about the NET Dec 12 Case then he should not reply that there is no case or objection on NET Dec 12 exam. In Punjab High Court 20 Cases and 1 PIL has been filed for NET Dec 2012 Result criteria.

We student are not fool we all have access of High court website so don’t give incorrect information to any one and please be informed that further delay in result would lead to suspend or have to resign Dr. Surinder Singh and Prof. Ved Prakash Chairman of UGC from his duty for the following reason.

1. Negligence in Question paper setting of NET Dec 2012 Paper , where Question no 59 have all incorrect option for which UGC have given the Marks to all the student who whether attend that question or not however in Paper 1 student have choice to answer 50 Question out of 60 Question.

2. Contempt of Nagpur High Court Verdict.

3. Changes in Notification for NET Dec 12 just one day before the exam which UGC have answer in reply of his RTI.

4. Playing with the career of Lakhs student by manipulating the Result Criteria for June 12 and Dec 12.

5. Unethical practice and Sharing False information by Dr. Surinder Singh for Net Dec 12 .

6. Wrong evaluation of UGC-Net Examinations Result due to incorrect answer keys held in December 2012 for which Delhi High Court issued notices to the University Grants Commission (UGC) on a PIL filed by two students.

Whatever is mentioned above I have complete evidence to proof.


Pratik Jain said...

In Various Subject it has been noticed that Wrong evaluation of UGC-Net Examinations because of incorrect answer keys held in December 2012

We don’t want to approach the President of India , Prime Minister of India and Indian Governor but if June 12 and Dec 12 result will not declare within 8 week as per Nagpur verdict, then this issue will be address to the President of India , Prime Minister of India and Governor of India.

This issue is not for one or two student , this issue is for more than 2 lakhs student so it is advise to issue the certificate else ready for the consequences as mentioned above .

I am looking forward to hear from you soon.


Pratik Jain


Date :- 4th May 2013

Anonymous said...

Respected Ashok Agarwal Sir,

I want to draw your attention towards the slow working process of DSSSB (Delhi Service Selection Board),recruiting body for Delhi Govt. Services including Teachers (PGT,TGT,Asst.Teacher,& PRT).
On one hand Delhi Govt pretends that it is going to fill 10000 vacant posts of (TGT, PGT, PRT, Asst Teacher, Etc) teachers in Delhi. On other hand DSSSB and Dept. of Education Delhi Govt. could not even filled the vacancies of TGT, PRT and Asst Teachers for which advt published in the year 2009 and 2010, It is sheer contempt of RTE-2009.There is no need of DSSSB like board, kindly handover all the recruitment process to IBPS like board, where at least every thing is declared about Exam dates, Results and interview, dissolve the DSSSB or reform must be there. Who will compensate the lost precious time of applicants, they feel psycho trauma and agony in waiting for the test dates and about the results.
Again I want to draw your attention towards the delay in declaring the Result ,Advt. 02/2010 regarding TGT's (specially Posts TGT English, Punjabi, Urdu, S.Sci, etc), and delay in conducting the Exams,related to Grade II DASS and Asst. Teachers Primary.
Sir, Advt. 02/2010 TGT exam was held on 26/02/2012 and Part I exam was declared on 19/06/2012, no final result is declared yet, almost 3 year have been passed. Many applicants become overage during the time span delayed by DSSSB. While asked to DSSSB about this delay they simply say internal matter, and do not disclosed anything at all.
Sir as nearly 20 lakh Applicants affected related to various Posts of PGT,TGT,PRT, GradeII DASS,Etc. Last year the news published related to DSSSB PGT exam in which some answer copies of main examination were missing and Chairmen DSSSB called those applicant and conducted the same Exam silently, it was published in Dainik Jagran, Delhi newspaper which disclosed the foul play in DSSSB. This time also DSSSB conducting silent process for Post code 051/10 TGT English and many more as without declaring the final result related to the post TGT 051/2010, DSSSB sent letters demanding due certificate copies and called them on 20/02/2013 to DSSSB Office ,only to few applicants those already cleared the part I exam, It is clear hint to them that they are in final merit list of recruitment related to TGT post 051/10. Something is going wrong, DSSSB can issue notice regarding above incident on its website so that everything is clear and transparent. Daal Me Kuch To Kala Hai.

Sir Can PIL be filed in this matter regarding the Delay in conducting the Exams and Delay in declaring the results, whatever problem DSSSB has like shortage of staff,lack of exam management,shortage of equipments, pressure of state govt,etc. It is against the constitution, DSSSB is playing with the future of applicants & indirectly with their families too.

Humble request sir, kindly look into the matter as belongs to larger interest of public, as matter related to RTE act implementation( Student Teacher Ratio in Govt. Schools Delhi) & Question mark on the workings of DSSSB which consume precious time,

Sir Your advise required in this matter, through your blog.

Thanks & Regards

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Sir, I have found four more wrong answers in the UGC NET English Official Answer Key of December 2012. You can find them with justification and sources here:

Unknown said...

I m also agree with u .This is injustice with us as there are so many questions in cmp. Sci. exam also to whom they have given wrong answers.We shld approach to high court fr ths. nw they are jst saying that if any student hv any grievence then they cn send us the copy with ansers but this is rubbish as we have just lost the OMR sheet.also there are so many mistakes in June 2013 key

Unknown said...

I m also completely dis agre with the st. that UGC is nw saying tht if in Dec 2012 result there is some mistakes then plz send thm to our office but if thy thnk to whom thy hv correct what will be the effect on merit.Plz also tell me in which questions thy hv done wrng in comp. Science DEC 2012 xam

Ashish said...

Dear ALL,
The answer keys of Dec 2012 was worng for two questions. Deatils furnished below:
Question No:45 The success of E Banking depends upon:
i. Multi Layer Security System
ii. Risk and Surveillance Management
iii. Updated Flawless Softwares
iv. Stringent Legal Frame work
(A) i and ii
(B) i,ii, and iii
(C) ii,iii, and iv
(D) i,ii,iii and iv

Correct Answer: D (the success of E-Banking mainly depends upon the Stringent legal frame work adopted by Central Bank and Government of the country. In the absence of stringent legal frame work people will reluctant in E-Banking Transactions in E-Banking is legally valid and under Electronic Fund Transfer Act. If stringent legal frame work is not their E banking will be an utter failure)
(Document attached:

Grievance: 2
Question No:48 Which one is not the source of external Finance?
(A) WTO Funds
(B) World Bank Group
(C) Export Credit
(D) Foreign Direct Investment

Correct Answer: C/Export Credit (Export Credit means financing domestic companies for their international activities. Except Export Credit all others are external sources. World Trade Organistation funds are external in nature. )May UGC will argue that WTO creating funds internally. But just think about FDI,a foriegn comapny can invest there internal and external funds also.If 100% FDI is allowed in specfic sector argument of UGC is wrong.
(Document attached:
I already filed a case againt UGC in Kerala High Court. Please join with me every commerce student attended in Dec 2012 will get 4 marks.