Saturday, October 3, 2015

Illegal contemplated action of Carmel Convent School to remove Class III EWS girl student from next session 2016-17 - AIPA writes to Delhi CM to intervene

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Utkarsh Phirke said...

Dear sir,
What reasoning do you provide in favour of the No-retention policy in schools? If a student doesn't understand the Mathematics of Class 6 well enough to score 40 marks out of 100, can he really handle Mathematics of Class 7? There are bright students and not so bright students. But the problem here isn't that the students are not bright. It's simply that students are lazy. Lazy to practice, lazy to learn. Punishment can be (and is a) big motivation for children to do anything. But more importantly a failed student is incapable of pursuing further studies until he clears his backlog. Instead of No-detention, why not give them an opportunity to complete it in summer school? If they still fail, then detain them. Isn't this how colleges work? I would like to hear your thoughts about this since I read that you have signed a petition supporting No detention policy.