Thursday, January 22, 2015


The Director of Education
Government of NCT of Delhi
Old Secretariat Building
Civil lines, New Delhi-110054

January 22, 2015

Subject – Cruel Delhi Government School forcibly issued SLC to Master Ankit Kumar, a patient of Pott’s Spine disease

Dear Madam

A very shocking and inhuman incident has come to my notice wherein a Government Co-ed Senior Secondary School (ID No. 1618191) Bindapur Extn., New Delhi-110059 has, without any basis, forcibly issued a School-Leaving Certificate (SLC) to Master Ankit Kumar (ID No. 20110216465), a student of Class IX and a patient of Pott’s Spine, on 27.12.2014. Copies of the said SLC as well as a written complaint by Mrs. Amrita Kumari, mother of Master Ankit Kumar, are enclosed hereto for your reference.

It is submitted that Master Ankit Kumar, while studying in the above-said school, fell ill of Pott’s Spine disease and was referred to AIIMS for treatment. Despite the fact that his condition was not favourable, he continued to attend the school till the end of November 2014. Thereafter, he became immobile and could not attend school any further.

Master Ankit Kumar was advised an immediate surgery by AIIMS. He was, however, asked to first deposit Rs. 2,61,450 as the cost of the Pedicle Screws Spinal Fixation System, an implant, which he was unable to afford. Therefore, his father approached Delhi Health Services for financial assistance under Delhi Arogya Nidhi/Kosh, but the application for the same got stuck in procedural hurdles at AIIMS which was required to certify the expenditure to be incurred on the treatment.

 In these circumstances, Master Ankit Kumar, through Advocate Ashok Agarwal, filed a Writ Petition [WP(C) No.9434/2014)] in the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi seeking direction to AIIMS for free treatment. The Hon’ble High Court by its order dated 24.12.2014 directed AIIMS to forthwith issue the expenditure-certificate for Master Ankit’s application under Delhi Arogya Nidhi/Kosh and further to proceed with the surgery without even awaiting the completion of formalities in regard to Delhi Arogya Nidhi/Kosh if the attending doctors were of the opinion that surgery was required urgently. A copy of the said Order dated 24.12.2014 is enclosed hereto for your reference.

What is unbelievable and shocking is that while the entire family of Master Ankit Kumar was struggling to secure medical treatment for him and even the Hon’ble Delhi High Court ultimately grasped the gravity of the matter, the school-Principal in the meanwhile called Master Ankit’s Mother Mrs. Amrita Kumari to school on 22.12.2014 and forced her to sign an application for issuance of an SLC, despite having knowledge of the reason behind Master Ankit’s absence from school. Pursuant thereto, on 27.12.2014, the school issued an SLC. All this happened despite the fact that Master Ankit Kumar wanted to continue his studies in the above-said school and neither he nor his family was ever interested in obtaining an SLC. Such an incident is both shocking as well as painful and requires a thorough probe at your end.

It is needless to state here that the school-authorities are expected to act as friend, philosopher, guide to the students, but this case illustrates quite the opposite. The school-authorities herein have exhibited exemplary insensitivity towards the ailing student. The erring official deserves to be taken to task.

 You are therefore requested to look into this matter, direct for cancellation of the SLC dated 27.12.2014, allow Master Ankit Kumar to continue his studies in the above-said school and take immediate action against the erring Principal of the school, who has issued the said SLC in violation of all the standards and norms.

With regards

Ashok Agarwal, Advocate
National President, AIPA

M: 9811101923